8 Tips and Remedies to Control Body Odour

Sweating is natural. But body odour is something that can not only embarrass you but also make the people around you uncomfortable. Sadly, it is not uncommon to have body odour. According to skin specialist Dr Kiran Lohia, ‘The primary reason we have body odour is the presence of bacteria in our sweat. It releases a smelly vapour that causes body odour. While it is important for us to perspire so that the body can cool down naturally, it is also vital to get rid of the bacteria and avoid the unpleasant odour.’But the good news is, some simple steps can help us say goodbye to body odour forever. Dermatologist Dr Shefali Trasi Nerurkar lists down 8 such tips.

Shave underarm hair so that the sweat is not retained in this area: Hairy underarms can give rise to bacteria and lead to more sweat as well. It makes sense to trim or shave it regularly at least in the summers so prevent body odour.

Take a bath twice or thrice daily to wash off the sweat: Bathing regularly is another way to make sure you don’t have body odour. Since it is very hot in summers, you can afford to bathe twice or even thrice if needed. Once in the morning and once after you exercise or come back from office is good. One can also use an anti-bacterial soap to kill the bacteria.

Make use of everyday, natural ingredients to combat odour: Natural remedies like corn starch, tree tea oil, lavender oil and peppermint oil can also be used to beat odour. Corn starch absorbs moisture and kills bacteria. Natural oils also fight against the bacteria and give a pleasant smell. Just take a few drops and apply it on sweat-producing areas such as the armpits.


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Use an anti-perspirant to kill the bacteria: Using deodorants may not make girls fall in love with you, but they would not run away from you either due to body odour. If you are prone to sweating more, you can opt for a deodorant which is hypoallergenic as they have been tested by a dermatologist and are safe. But make sure you spray them on your body and not clothes.

Avoid spicy food: Eating spicy foods in summers can cause your pores to open up and release a foul odour. Therefore, it is best to eat light and fresh foods. Don’t go overboard with the spices.

Wear cotton clothes: In summers, always wear cotton clothes as it absorbs the sweat and prevents the accumulation of sweat. Also, wear slightly loose clothes which will help your skin breathe. Men can opt for inner vests as well. Wearing light-coloured clothes will also help in controlling sweat.

Wash your clothes regularly to remove the odour: Wearing the same set of clothes without washing them is not only unhygienic but also retains sweat and odour. In summers, it is therefore vital to wash clothes after wearing them even once so that the sweat soaked in it is washed off and so is the odour.

Get treated for excessive sweating: If you sweat more than usual, you can get the condition treated. It is best to visit a doctor who can analyse the situation and recommend a treatment accordingly. Nowadays, it can be treated by powders containing aluminium chloride hexahydrate or by performing Botox on the sweat glands.​

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