After a whirlwind 2016, what’s left for Phyno to do in 2017?

In 2016, Phyno pulled off one of the most impressive transformations in the music business. He pivoted his artistry to become a singer, while not losing his rap credibility.The Enugu-bred man, had a great year. He had the biggest single in the country, won awards for his efforts, increased his bank balance, consolidated his position at the top of the industry game, and most importantly, unlocked a new super power.

Prior to 2016, Phyno’s recognized artistic leaning was pure Hip-hop. He layered his raps over melodies provided by Major Bangz, Masterkraft and others. That was his style, his juice, his mojo, his essence. That’s how he became a star.

But there is greatness in novelty, and that’s what made Phyno win 2016. He changed.

Where previously Phyno relied on bars after bars to convey his art, this time, he sang his soul out. Phyno became a singer with rap leanings in 2016. First he dealt us all a hand with ‘ Connect’ , which was produced by

TSpize .

Then he progressed to ‘Fada Fada’ , and then the rest became history. Phyno sampled the old Eastern Highlife culture, and incorporated all of their elements to create his sophomore album, “The Playmaker”, which was one of the best of 2016.

Where he started off his career as a producer, and then a rapper, he has developed other skills, which sits at the heart of the music making process. This has in turn catapulted him from the East, to the centre of the Nigerian music space, from where he pulls the strings across pop and Hip-hop, rakes in the fan love, and serves as a strong standard bearer for Eastern music. “The Playmaker” as an album is simply a confirmation of his present status.

It’s a new year, so what’s next for Phyno? Nothing really. This is the year Phyno maximises the success of his previous album, and performs at concerts across the gold. It’s officially his tour year, and he has to focus on generating that value for the project.

Of course a new single will be a part of his content release, and he might just push through with more than that. But it is hard to picture a concerted effort from the artiste to do something as uplifting as he did in the previous year.

If anything, he will maintain the creative direction, and seek to milk it of every possible value. More singles will follow along that line, and then the videos will come in. No album will drop this year.

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