I can see the future – Amosun

Ogun State governor, Ibikunle Amosun, has said that though he does not know who will succeed him as governor, he definitely knows who would not become the governor after his tenure may have ended.

Also, in obvious reaction to an alleged audio revelation emanating from a group believed to be loyal to a governorship aspirant in the All progressives Congress, Amosun denied ever speaking ill of the leader of the party, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

Amosun said this on Friday in Abeokuta at the APC, Ogun State members of National Assembly caucus meeting.

In the meeting which attracted state APC executive council, Amosun recalled that Tinubu had stood by him when he needed him, saying he would continue to defer to him.

In the allegedly audio recording of a meeting held early in the week, the governor was said to have disparaged Tinubu and allegedly hinted at how he (Tinubu) would be disgraced before 2019.

In his defence, Amosun said, “What happened was that we wanted to have a parliamentary caucus. And we said we would be having it quarterly; but we discovered that our commissioners were not there and the elders of the party too must be there.

“It wasn’t our normal meeting; it was just the parliamentary caucus meeting. If there are cowards or traitors somewhere trying to record or do any other thing, those people can not do anything.

“But let me say this — and I have been saying it all the time — that we might not be able to say clearly now who becomes the next governor; but we know those who will not be governor.

“I know that at the appropriate time, we would get our people together and we would say, ‘this is your son/daughter;’ and we would pick and whosoever we pick is going to become governor.

“By the way, I say it all the time that Asiwaju (Bola Tinubu) stood by me when I needed him. I have ways of reaching Asiwaju, although he did not give me any money, but, my dad will say that a helper must not be disappointed.”

He however, challenged those who he called ‘traitors and cowards’ to come out with the video of the meeting.

Amosun also said that he might not know yet who would succeed him come May 29, 2019, but he certainly knew those who won’t be governor in the state that year.

He said, “But let me say this and I have been saying it all the time, that we might not be able to say clearly now who becomes the next governor but we know those who will not be governor.”

He also disclosed that seven unnamed governorship aspirants in the party had approached, but he had told them that there was no governor among them.

“Those who are jumping around are just wasting their money,” Amosun boasted.

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