‘Dreams do come true’,  Burna Boy recounts childhood dream

Burna Boy reflects on his childhood days in school, recounting how he had always known he had love for music.He says: “I remember back In Montessori primary School Port Harcourt, Nigeria. My teacher mr Morgan made us write down what we wanted 2 become in the future nd why, I wrote: “I want 2 be a rockstar because I love Music and I Hate School” in those exact words TRUE STORY! lol. Shit has a funny way of always working out doesn’t it? Stay in school sha o! Don’t go and say I told u not to go School!”

The singer is currently vibing with Ghanaian producer Juls, according to the picture above he shared via his Instagram account.

Burna recently came under a legal copyright infringement on his featured remix of Skales’ ‘Temper’, the copyright holders being the estate of Fela Kuti.

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