Good hygiene as solution to cancer

As the world marks the 2017 Cancer Day this week, it is imperative for the people to know what causes cancer and the steps to be taken in guarding against the killer ailment. Cancer has been described as one of the leading killer diseases in the world today. It leads to abnormal growth of a group of cells that cover more than 250 diseases in the body. It is malignant in nature and next to heart ailment. Cancer can be found in the lungs, breasts, uterus, gall bladder, epithelial, blood, prostate, thyroid, liver and tongue to mention but a few. Cancer is characterised by soft pain, according to the size of the growth, a sore that does not heal, indigestion, difficulty in swallowing a meal, thickening or lump in the breast, unusual bleeding during menstrual period; discharge, loss of weight, change in skin colour and a persistent and nagging cough.However, I am of the opinion that with good and perfect hygiene, cancer could be reduced to the barest minimum in our society. Unhealthy habits, environmental factors such as open defecation and littering in the society can trigger cancer. About 80 per cent of cancer could be attributed to violation of natural laws of course and effect. Tobacco and alcohol are known cancer-causing agents, on the tongue, lips, mouth, throat, liver, lungs and stomach. Also, a major contributor to cancer is exposure to industrial pollutants such as soot and high doses of x-ray, nickel, tar, and asbestos. Viral infection trauma, hormone imbalance and malnutrition which lower the body immune system can also be a major factor for cancer. Many biologists believe that cancer could result from a faulty diet.

According to the Ogun State Commissioner for Health, Dr Babatunde Ipaye, “Recent Swedish studies of intake of vitamin C for the last 30 years have found that mixture of vitamin C and copper compound has lethal effects on cancer.’’ The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that a liberal use of green and yellow vegetables and fruits can prevent cancer, as people who eat green and yellow vegetables every day have a decreased risk of developing lungs, stomach and other cancer diseases. A Harvard University study shows that those who reported the highest consumption of carrots, squash, tomatoes, salads or leafy green vegetables, dried fruits, fresh strawberries or melon had a decreased risk of cancer. Other useful methods are plenty of rest, complete freedom from worries and mental stress, fresh air and regular checkups with the use of radionic computer blood analysis that will help detect cancer and other terminal diseases at the earlier stage.

In conclusion, in our different approach to living with regard to our health, we need to ask ourselves certain questions, such as what is the quality of life we are living? Is it one filled with joy, radiance and happiness or one riddled with inconvenience and pains for our loved ones as a result of sickness? Everyone will eventually die of one thing or the other, but the quality of our lives before death matters. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

Adegbenro Adenekan


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