How I Cheated Death from Snake Bite. 

Friday Olokor , One of the victims of snake bite in Plateau State , James Lohfa , has attributed his survival to the grace of God , saying he never thought he could still be alive.

According to him , he said his last prayer to God when he learnt of the death of his bedmate at the Comprehensive Health Centre, Zamko , an annex of Jos University Teaching Hospital in the Lantang North Local Government Area, Plateau State .

Lohfa was bitten by a snake on October 27 around 7 pm in his compound, while coming from JUTH where he had gone to see a patient .

The Computer Science teacher at COCIN Bible and Agricultural Training Institute told PUNCH Metro that many victims had died due to the absence of vaccines.

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He said , “ After the snake bite, I was unable to stand . I managed to sit; I didn ’ t know when I fell . I was not myself and they rushed me to the hospital.

“ On entering the hospital, I vomited . They rushed me into the emergency room and I vomited again . I was admitted for four days, but no injection was given to me.

“ The same night I was admitted to the hospital, about five people came , but they were sent out because there was no injection . I don’ t know where they went afterwards or how they ended . I was told many people went for local herbs .

“ Those that we were admitted together were discharged because there were no injections . The next person to me was bleeding all over his body . He was discharged because there was no way they could help him . But after he got home, he died . When I heard of his death , I was saying my last prayer because there was nothing to write home about in the hospital . There were no injections and the anti -snake venoms were not available.

“ The snake poison from my leg went into my stomach and began to cause me pains to the point that my breath was seizing . They quickly went to Langtang to look for some injections . We got about four injections at the rate of N 9, 000 each , yet that couldn’ t help me.

“ After the injections were administered on me , the only thing I felt was itching all over my body . ”

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