Nigerian masses need real empowerment

Empowering people involves helping them to develop and expand their God-given potentials via the provision of an enabling environment, quality education, high morality and undiluted culture. Governments at all levels are duty –bound to ensure that all citizens are given equal freedom in resource control and opportunities.A country where about one per cent of the population controls about 99 percent of the national resources is bound to have a lot of dissatisfied and frustrated citizens, resulting in massive lack of empowerment.

In this regard, the payment of N5000 by the Federal Government to vulnerable citizens, ostensibly to empower them, is a farce.

How realistically can N5000 in the Nigeria of today empower an individual? Perhaps it can empower the citizen to transport himself to and from the collection centres.

Nosa Osawaye

Ilesa, Osun State.

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