Should Nigerian artistes who aren’t successful sign other acts?

You know that stuff that has been thought to you all through your life that growth comes in stages? And that you need to go through all the stages to build both foundation and capacity to properly harness all the opportunities and deal with the challenges of new positions bring?If you skip a level of that process and proceed to jump 5 steps ahead while skipping the others, then you find yourself crashing back to square one because of a lack of ability, skills and the mental strength to go navigate that stage.

That skipping of essential steps and stages is what many of our Nigerian artistes are about. They do this in many ways, and it manifests all through their careers. From failing to go through artiste development due to the urge to blow now, to seeking for interviews with no content in their arsenal, there always examples lying around about artistes who fail to properly grow organically.

But the most inexplicable and sad of it all is the need for most of these unsuccessful artistes who are yet to truly and fully sort out their careers to chase new acts and sign them up. They grab the desperate unknown and talented acts, promise to put them on, and tie them down with contracts and a dream.

These artistes who annex new acts mostly don’t have the technical knowledge of running a label, neither do they have enough success to be able to create a blueprint for success. They simply do it for the chance to have new people in their entourage, as an ego booster and to have more creative input in their music.

If an ‘unsuccessful’ but rated artiste signs new acts, much of what he does is to use the new cat as a songwriter, perhaps work on a couple of singles with the artiste, while milking him of his melody, songwriting and creative input.

Why on earth does Yung6ix have an artiste signed to his record label Kash Kamp Trick Billionaire Music (KKTBM)? Why does he have new artistes signing under him, when he hasn’t done enough to be a top artiste? How about the other acts signed to him that are yet to blow?

KKTBM has Yung6ix who is the CEO as the label top artiste, but other artistes signed on the label, Percy and SD are yet to even find a modicum of success. They are still tied to the label with very little happening for them. But the house has swollen with new acts being paraded for pictures and photo-ops.

This happens all the time, and the end result is always the same. The artiste gets in, he releases a couple of songs, and then transition into a more permanent role of ‘Writer in Chief’ for the star artiste. After a year, maybe tow, all parties fight, call themselves names on social media.

And then the cycle continues. It never ends well.

Emerging artistes who are desperate and in need of a platform need to put in more work and ask questions of these prospective label heads whose careers didn’t truly hit the heights, before making the call to sign themselves up to their platform.

Because what appears to be gold now, is just a shiny part of something worse than crap.

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